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Mind Over Body Medicine

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Mind Body Medicine is a natural healthcare approach to medicine that recognises the effects that thoughts, feelings and beliefs have on physical health. Kathi blends her health coaching background, alternative medicine education and intuitive gifts to heal people from the inside out. She calls it Mind over Medicine - teaching people about the laws of the universe, using food as medicine and alternative ways to calm the mind and heal the body. 



A life Free from Anxiety, a life filled with Peace…


Yup, that is what I wanted... 


Does it feel impossible? 


Yeah,  it did to me too...


I started Coaching in 2005 (when health coaching wasn’t even a thing yet) and I’ve been helping people create a life full of peace and health ever since... 

 Let's Explore the Ways to 
Work With Kathi 


3 Ways To Heal From Anxiety Using  The Power Of Your Mind, Body And Spirit

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