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Stroke Support &

Survival Guide

Modern Medicine Collides with Holistic Approach

The Self Help Plan and Personal Journey of a Holistic Physical Therapist Assistant and Her Father

Are you a give it to me straight kind of person? The kind that doesn't have time to sift through the fluff?


You need support and guidance so that you can make well informed decisions.


Yup, I get it... I’ve been on the receiving end of internet searches that lead me down an advertisement rabbit hole every single time.  


I never found anything that  really helped me, help my Mom deal with my father’s stroke so in true Kathi Naumann fashion, I created it. I like to affectionately call my guidebook a no B.S. approach to stroke recovery life guidebook for caregivers.


I wrote this book for people like you and me who are struggling on the inside while losing strength on the outside. The pressure associated with the responsibility of being in charge of someone else’s life is… well… there are no words to describe the level of stress you are under.


I understand, I’ve been there.

If you’re a new caregiver and ready to get serious about making positive changes in your life and the life of your loved one then this guide is right for you. This step by step guide is sure to raise your confidence level and give you the peace of mind in knowing that you are making the right decisions for you. 

The thing is, I had ten years as a stroke therapist under my belt before my father had his stroke. I felt lost even though I knew what to do. Crazy right?


He'd ask me, "Why did this happen to me?"  My response, "Dad, I think this happened to you because we are supposed to help other people." So it began, about 5 years into dads stroke we decided that we needed to share our experiences with the world. 

It is with a heavy heart and a kind spirit that I am sharing our experience with you. 


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