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Corporate Wellness Educator • Health & Wellness Coach 
Brain Health Certified • Integrative Leadership • Author

I live in a small fishing town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. 

I didn't always have it easy growing up. After high school I found myself working full-time and attending the local community college full time. Both my work and my college were an hour and 15 minutes away from my home. I was burning the candle at both ends and in the middle. I was getting run down and at the age of 19 was diagnosed with Epstein Barr Virus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Hypothyroidism. I was sick. 


I have Native American heritage and maybe I can contribute my deep, strong sense of connection to nature and the universe to that. My grandmother was occasionally referred to as the village doctor using naturopathic remedies to heal others. I too am a healer. I deeply care about people and their health. My husband is quick to remind me, "You can't fix them all" but my desire is to try. After my father had a massive stroke I was able to use alternative medicine techniques to heal him and quickly learned that true healing starts in the mind. 

But that was then and this is now...

I'm back in Rock Hall, have children, married, have an A.A.S. degree in Physical Therapy Assisting, a B.A. in Liberal Studies, hold certifications as a Holistic Health Coach, Brain Health Coach and Integrative Leader. I co-founded the Chester River Wellness Alliance , I'm an Author, Health Educator and a member of the American Association for Drugless Practitioners. Becoming a health coach changed my life! One thing I learned was that I didn't need to do it alone - it was OK to ask for help and I now hire coaches or seek advice whenever I feel I need to make a change in my life. 

In August 2016 the trajectory of my career changed. I started corporate wellness programs and workshops. Corporate Wellness and Program Development are avenues that I love but my heart lies with teenagers and young adults suffering from anxiety. I love to heal and empower woman! 

I have spent my career healing people by connecting them to natural and ancient healing treatments. I LOVE Being an Intuitive Health Creator and Entrepeneur! If you are looking for health answers, believe in alternative medicine and understand there other ways to get positive health results or you suffer from anxiety or a mom to an anxious teen/young adult ... - I'm here for you. 


3 Ways To Heal From Anxiety Using  The Power Of Your Mind, Body And Spirit

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