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"In search of my graduate program preceptor, I discovered Kathi Naumann’s IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) blog post. As an IIN student myself, I was in search of a mentor with similar beliefs and passions as mine. I knew that I wanted to work with someone I could be my complete self around and who actually believed in my mission.

Even though the blog had been posted 8 years earlier, I was instantly intrigued by her entrepreneurial accomplishments in the wellness realm and knew I had to learn more. I was eager to learn about any new projects that had emerged for her during this time and only hoped I could become involved in any way. In addition, after finding out that she lived just about an hour away, I immediately set out to contact her.

It wasn’t until I met Kathi that I really understood why she’d be the perfect mentor for me. Speaking to her was, and still remains, incredibly fluid. The combination of her authenticity, humility, drive, passion, and trusting personality continues to astonish me ‘til this very day. Instead of intimidated, she made me feel empowered. Instead of a student-teacher relationship, she made it feel like a partnership. Instead of simply completing a project, she helped me understand our work’s underlying purpose.

Kathi has become someone I truly consider a friend and one of the reasons I am the woman I am today. I’ll never forget the moment I asked how she got over her fear of public speaking (since that was one of my main fears at the time) and she answered “I just did it”. She explained, nonchalantly, how she knew her fear existed but also knew she had to speak and had to share the information. At this exact moment, she engraved in me the very words Nike has never been able to – “Just do it”.

Experiencing Kathi’s sense of trust in herself and the universe helps ground me every single time I connect with her. She has such a pleasant, welcoming, and healing energy. She lives a life constantly helping others physically, emotionally and spiritually. There are not enough people like Kathi in this world and I will always highly recommend her work because of this. She has taught me to always stand up for what I believe in, do what “feels right” and cater to quality of life over anything else. She has such a great vision for expanding the awareness of alternative medicine and I can’t wait to see it all unfold."

- Clarissa Saisaeng – Falls Church, VA

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"In June of 2017 I started with weakness in my legs, and by December 2017  I was diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy.  It was a slow process but I did get worse and my balance was greatly  affected. My neurologist  had done all he could do to reverse the nerve damage. I talked with Kathi the  first part of December 2020 to see if she could  help me. We started right away and it has been  about 7 weeks and I can see improvement already in my balance and numbness.  Kathi is such a caring person and puts you at ease when talking to her. She is very knowledgeable in what she does and takes extra time to assure that she has all the information that she needs. I am looking forward to continuing my sessions and progress with her."

- Aggie Trimble, Chestertown, Maryland

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"The Conscious Healing Experience program helped me find ways to relax myself from head to toe before lying down for bed. I feel more confident and the lessons I learned left permanent changes on my life and my future. Kathi’s lessons made me aware that I have neglected myself for many years and taught me to be more in tune with my needs. I really enjoyed the lessons, they are packed with great information and I would refer anyone suffering from anxiety  to go through this program."

- Tracy Johnson, Centreville, MD

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