True Wellness is a Balance of



Yoga by the Sea





I hear ya and I see right through ya too.


You are the, "I got it all together on the outside most of the time" kind of person,
but on the inside..., well-yeah, not so much. 


"Focus on the Good" they say, but honestly, how do you do it?

How do you focus on the good when it seems like life has dealt you
what feels like a bad hand? 


  Here’s what I believe...  


Creating True Health & Wellness is a Balance of the Mind, Body & Spirit

and I can help you with that!

Ready to start taking back control of your life? 

Of course you are!

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Hi, I'm Kathi...

A small town girl with a big heart. I teach stressed out, over-worried people how to heal from the inside out. Together, we work to Increase your energy and vibration, for cellular and spiritual, mental and emotional healing.


My superpowers are the ability to simplify complicated issues by being fully present, truly listening and following my intuitive gifts and blending them with my background to truly help you heal and transform your mind, body spirit and life.


Negativity is my kryptonite. Nothing sucks my energy faster than jealous, hostile people who spread their negativity like wildfire. In my experience, building boundaries is the best antidote.


Over the past 2 decades, I learned to train my mind so that I could heal my mind, body and spirit 

now I am sharing my discoveries, teachings and trainings with you.  

Oh, one more thing… I don’t like raw onions and I’m not into snakes. 


3 Ways To Heal From Anxiety Using  The Power Of Your Mind, Body And Spirit