Water Works!

Water Works!


Are the PH waters on the grocery store shelves all hype to get the health conscience consumer to purchase it or is there some truth to it? In this fun interactive presentation (you will need to purchase a water ph test kit - around $8 on Amazon) you will test different brands of water to see which ones are acidic, neutral or a base.  Teach about the ph scale and how the Standard American Diet taxes our bodies and eventually throws us off balance. Teach about Dr. Emoto's amazing Language of Water discoveries and why he used John Lennon's song, Imagine in his study... and so much more. This will have them coming back for more. Interactive Workshops are the best! People love them, it get's them involved and talking.

Check this out! A comment that I heard from a nurse (at a different location than where I presented this workshop) said, "Hey Kathi. I heard your workshop you did on water was really good." I said, "How did you know I did a workshop on water?" The nurse replied, "My husband told me that his employees were all talking about it." Her husband is the supervisor at the factory where I am the Corporate Wellness Health Coach.

This one is fun. Period.

You could even give some water away as an extra bonus.


File Format: PowerPoint.pptx

Slide Quantity: 25 slides

Approximate Presentation Time: Takes approximately 40 minutes to present




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