Salad Dressings! A Mason Jar Salad Dressing Hands On Cooking Class


Are you new to public speaking? Are you nervous? Getting hives just thinking about doing the presentation? If so, then this presentation is a perfect place to start. It's fun. It's interactive and the focus quickly shifts from everyone looking at you to everyone creating a salad dressing and having fun while doing it. Teach how to make a basic vinegarette and basic ranch dressing in a mason jar. You must purchase the jars and a few ingredients for this class but I have it all listed for you so you don't have to worry. The guys loved it! and it comes with bonus recipe materials too. The recipes are super easy. This is great presentation if you are really nervous about public speaking. It's really easy to present and the "students" walk away with something they cherish and will eat.


File Format: PowerPoint.pptx

Slide Quantity: 13 slides

Approximate Presentation Time: Takes approximately 40 minutes to present

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