Healthy Chocolate Gift Ideas

Healthy Chocolate Gift Ideas


Who doesn't like chocolate? How about nutella?

This is another "cooking class" workshop that is super fun. 

Cocoa, pronounced, "Ka-Cow" is native to South America and whose latin name Theobroma cocoa which means "food of the Gods" was once used as a form of currency and for good reason. Pure cocoa is a very powerful superfood. In this presentation you will teach your clients the many health benefits of cocoa, recipes to make chocolate bars, the benefits of hazelnuts and provide a hands on instruction of homemade nutella. Don't forget cups for the nutella tasting!

This is a great presentation to do anytime but especially before the holidays.


File Format: PowerPoint.pptx

Slide Quantity: 15 slides

Approximate Presentation Time: Takes approximately 30 minutes to present

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