Ayurveda: What is it? How do we eat the way nature intended?

Ayurveda: What is it? How do we eat the way nature intended?


Ayurveda can take up to years to fully understand but I've simplified it down a bit into easy to understand terms. It is a fun and interactive learning tool that teaches how to lose weight, beat food cravings and get fit. Based from John Douillard's book - The Three Season Diet. I recommend you read the first 2 chapters of his book to get a better understanding of Ayurveda before presenting.


Ayurveda is the oldest health system on earth spanning back 5000 years - it's been around a long time because, well, it makes total sense. 


As a presenter, I am sure you will also enjoy this fun, interactive workshop where people feel like they can actually make changes in their lives. I always get great feedback after this presentation and I am sure you will too.  


File Format: PowerPoint .pptx 

Slide Quantity: 17 Slides 

Includes: Body type questionnaire handout (allow 5-6 minutes to complete)

Approximate Presentation Time: Takes approximately 45 minutes to present.





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