Alzheimer's - The Fastest Growing Disease

Alzheimer's - The Fastest Growing Disease


The Most Important Things You Can Do to Prevent the Fastest Growing Disease....

Alzheimer's Disease is a serious problem in the US and Europe and it is set to bankrupt Medicare if we don't do something now!

This is a jaw dropping presentation. 

When I end my presentations I always take a few seconds to scan the room, read people's faces, welcome questions, etc. and when I ended this presentation I noticed my audience was in awe and then the questions started pouring in. 

This is scary stuff  but oh so important to teach. We must spread the word about Alzheimers and the lates discoveries.


File Format: PowerPoint.pptx

Slide Quantity: 30 Slides

Includes: Glycemic Index Food Chart (7 page handout)

Approximate Presentation Time:  Take approximately 50 minutes to present

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