Group Coaching

Holistic Approach to Finding & Healing
your true self after emotional trauma

Want to learn to heal yourself from anxiety, find peace and improve your physical health following emotional trauma?

Are you looking for a healthy way to heal without taking medication or more medication?

Are you curious about mind body medicine also known as energy medicine

It is not a coincidence that you found me.

There are no coincidences.

The universe is telling you that the time is now to start your healing journey

The very first step inside this virtual online group training is how to raise your vibrational energy...

Become the CEO of Your Health and heal from within

Free Yourself from Anxiety and start your Self Help Strategy Plan today.

If you feel inwardly sad but outwardly happy then this program is right for you!

Are ready to change the way you feel?

The Mind Over Medicine Virtual Group Coaching program is designed for you to take your life back after emotional trauma.


This program gives you a glimpse into what life can (and should) be and teaches you how to release the past so that you can catapult into an anxiety free future.

It activates you to heal from the inside out using a holistic approach

Because you aren’t here just to live...

You are here to be healthy, happy and anxiety free!


Good Health starts from within. 

It starts with the Mind over Medication Group Coaching program!

$1,297 value 

Get Full Access for Only $427 

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Get a glimpse at what is included in this course:

  • Get acquainted with the Mind Body connection

  • Learn to how to quiet mental chatter

  • Embrace tummy healing remedies

  • Learn what superfoods boost your immunity & radiant glow

  • Explore ancient anxiety healing remedies

  • Unleash Your Superpowers with uncensored health knowledge

The Mind Over Medicine Group Coaching Program has been designed to connect the Mind, Body & Soul that creates a life lived in perfect harmony

This course is designed to restore your belief that Nature Heals

But even more…it will help you to follow your intuition and promote a life of peace

Tell me if you can relate to any of this...

•    Anxiety is stopping you from living your life your way
•    You stay to yourself
•    You are exhausted
•    Looking for a more holistic approach to mental health
•    Want to attract peace in your life
•    You feel unfulfilled and not sure where to start
•    Don’t want to take medication (or more meds) 


Are you ready to go from just existing to actually living in health harmony?

Do you want to dial in on the root cause of your health issues?

Then this Mind Over Medicine Group Coaching Program is for you 

$1,297 value 

Get Full Access for Only $427 

I am Ready to Invest in Myself

About Me

I’m Kathi Naumann, the Intuitive Life and Wellness Healer. I take a unique approach to health using a mind, body, and positive psychology approach. 

I teach healing from the inside out focusing on calming the mind while revving up the body

My Combined 30 years as a Physical Therapist Asst, Corporate Wellness Educator, Author,  Speaker, Health Program Developer, Brain

Health Coach and Healer provides me with a unique advantage to holistic healing.  I have a deep understanding of what people need to improve their health both mentally and physically.

I am an intuitive healer and you are just a click away from the first day of the rest of your life.

Kathi’s lessons made me aware that I have neglected myself for many years and taught me to be more in tune with my needs. I really enjoyed the lessons; they are packed with great information and I would refer anyone suffering from anxiety to go through this program.

Tracy Johnson, Centreville, MD

Tracy Johnson.png
2 Aggie.png

I saw improvement in my balance and numbness in only 7 sessions! Kathi is such a caring person and puts you at ease when talking to her. She is very knowledgeable in what she does and takes extra time to assure that she has all the information she needs. I look forward to my sessions with her.

Aggie Trimble, Chestertown, Maryland

$1,297 value 

Get Full Access for Only $427 

I am Ready to Invest in Myself

When you think of anxiety or health issues does your mind automatically equate to prescription medication? 

Are you struggling with anxiety or other health issues but don’t want pills to be your only treatment option?

Have you already tried conventional treatments and gotten no relief?

Are you interested in a more holistic approach to deal with anxiety or other health issues?

There is a solution, and it’s called Mind Body Medicine. It’s comprised of natural treatment techniques known as alternative medicine and it works!

The Mind over Medicine Group Coaching takes a holistic mind, body, spirit approach to well-being that uses tools aimed to educate, prevent and provide natural solutions.

The Mind over Medicine Masterclass is where you’ll Discover the Power of Alternative Medicine to Heal Diseases of our Time... 

In this program we may explore the possible contributors to health & anxiety issues such as:

  • Gut Health

  • Nutritional Deficiencies

  • Exposure to Toxins

  • Inflammation

  • Food - Mood Balance

  • Natural Immune Boosting

  • Adrenal Health

  • Ancient Healing Techniques

  • Mind Body Spirit Connection

Who is it for?

If you are struggling with Anxiety and not responding to traditional treatments or you are interested in a more holistic approach to healthcare Kathi Naumann’s Mind over Medicine Group Coaching is for you!

$1,297 value 

Get Full Access for Only $427 

Sign up Today! Space is Limited

I am Ready to Invest in Myself

Workshop Schedule

June 2021 Online Session:
Tuesday 6/22, Wednesday 6/23, Thursday 6/24, 2021 
6:30 to 8:30 pm EST

July 2021 Online Session
Tuesday 7/20, Wednesday 7/21, 2021
9am to Noon EST 

August 2021 Online Session
Saturday 8/21, Sunday 8/22, 2021
9am to Noon

September 2021 Online Session
Tuesday 9/21, Wednesday 9/22, Thursday 9/23, 2021
5 to 7 pm EST

October 2021 Online Session
Tuesday, 10/26, 2021
9 to 3pm EST

November 2021 Online Session
Thursday 11/18, 2021
9 to 3 pm EST

I am offering this 6 hour Masterclass at a Super Discount to help support us all after one crazy year!


There will be no refunds. This was created for you from a place of love so please, love yourself, pencil yourself in and show up. You’ll be glad that you did!

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3 Ways To Heal From Anxiety Using  The Power Of Your Mind, Body And Spirit