Why Keep a Medical Journal?

When I'm working during the day as a physical therapist assistant most of my clients' families are working too. Finding ways to help with word retrieval and memory would be a whole lot easier for the therapists if we had props. There have been many times when the stroke survivor has trouble recalling names and objects and the rehab team members comment on how helpful it would be if we had the family tree or labeled pictures of family members to use during teachable moments. 

These medical journal forms offer you an opportunity to keep organized records as well as give support to the rehab staff caring for your loved one. 

Medical Journal.png
Rehab Checklist.png

What's a Rehab Facility Checklist? 

Looking for the right rehab facility can be a daunting task. It's right down scary. The Rehab Facility Checklist forms gives you peace of mind in knowing that you are asking the right questions. What are you really looking for? Don't worry - it's all laid out for you. Take the forms and a clipboard with you to each facility that you visit, write down the answers to review later. When you're finished, punch holes in them and place in your medical journal. When you are finished looking at the rehab centers, sit down, take a deep breath and use your intuition to choose the best fit for your loved one.  




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